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  • West End Marine, Wide Beam Barge, Marinised diesel engines, Generators, Stern Drives


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    With over 30 years experience in the marine market, West End Marine offer you superb quality diesel engine sets and wide beam barges at very affordable prices.

    Want a more fuel efficient engine? Specially adapted Daewoo, Ford, Perkins, Iveco, Peugeot and Cummins diesel engines can re-power your boat and give you significant fuel savings.

    Looking for a Wide Beam Barge? The new generation 61 by 3m wide beams are manufactured to extremely high standards and come with many fantastic features. Ideal for living onboard and are the ultimate in style and comfort.

    At any one time we hold many new and reconditioned and marinised engines in stock and are pleased to quote on any requirement.
    We have full engineering facilities and can deal with popular and not-so-popular marine engines competitively and efficiently.
    For great deals contact us now!
    Tel: 01924 478060, Mob: 0771 4306746 or Email

    "NEW" Online Enquiries Form


    Perkins Engine 

    Wide Beam Barge






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